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Lil Blessings Family Daycare Services

Childcare Center and Pre-K in Ontario, California

As a family-owned child care center in Ontario, California we strive to understand and provide the services you require. You can rely on almost three decades of education-oriented knowledge. Lil Blessings Family Daycare has a long history of satisfying parents and children since 1986.

Our staff of teachers is skilled in dealing with the many different needs of children of all ages. From the cradle through kindergarten, you can rely on us to enrich your child’s day with age-appropriate discovery and activities.

As the time approaches, our caregivers are able to gently assist in toilet training your son or daughter.

We interact with your children on a one-to-one basis throughout the day. Every child at Lil Blessings receives the personal attention which is so crucial to their development.

We also emphasize the importance of the family unit by incorporating structured socialization into the time they spend with us.

Because we understand and encourage an environment of diversity at Lil Blessings, all of our families are respected; and we support the requirements of Chapter V families.

Please call Lil Blessings Family Daycare, where we care about your children as much as you do - (909) 280-2402

Enrollment Services


For every child enrolled here, the parents must produce current shot records, and fill out proper forms including a contract, consent form, parental right form, authorization of pick up, and a do not pick up list which states who we can and cannot release the child to at the end of the day. We also need a medical check list and the correct deposit for the week the child is to start.


Food Program Service

Food Program

The state of California pays for all the food provided at Lil Blessings Family Daycare so all the parents need to provide is diapers, baby wipes and clothing. We encode whatever the children eat each day and the state tallies it up every month and issues a reimbursement check. We are also monitored on a monthly basis to make sure we are feeding the youngsters properly so parents can be sure the food is good quality and nutritious.



When a child is picked up, we like to have a one on one meeting with each parent to give them a progress report on the youngster and also hand over homework for the child to finish at home. We will also let parents know about any behavioral problems that may have cropped up during the day such as the child having hit or bitten someone, or any ‘time outs’ they had received.

Games and Activities

Games and Activities

At Lil Blessings Family Daycare we provide educational games such as puzzles and coloring, and we provide puppet shows and a sandcastle pit for the youngsters to play outside. The fenced-in back yard has fake grass to cut down on bugs and stains. There are fake ponies, hover balls and slides and we have a play kitchen and market, along with books, blocks, dress-up clothes and music.



We will only dispense medication that has been prescribed by a doctor for the children and is in the bottle that it originally came in. As a professional and well-established childcare facility it is something we have to very strict and careful about. And we do not have the capability to handle any special needs children at the center. 

Sick Child Policy

Sick Child Policy

If a child is running a fever than the youngsters would have to be picked up immediately and be separated from the others to prevent any spread of germs or sickness. If youngsters are experience these symptoms at home then we ask that you do not bring them to the center for at least 24 hours or until the symptoms go away. In the case of diarrhea or vomiting children should be kept home until the sickness is gone.

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