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Daycare Schedule

Early Childhood Development in Ontario, California

The daily schedule at Lil Blessings Family Daycare allows the children to look forward to a regular routine and to get them used to what to expect on a weekly basis. Monday is color day when children can use their skills with crayons and coloring books; Tuesday is math day when the staff here help the children with counting and reciting their numbers in the correct order, and Wednesday is given over to science projects designed specifically for young minds.

On Thursday the theme is letter day and that is when the kids learn their alphabet from A to Z and also how to write their names. Friday is art day and time is also set aside for free play and movies. There is no TV shown unless it is raining and the children are unable tom play outside, and when the youngsters are allowed to watch television, it is only to watch educational cartoons or movies.

Color Day


Monday is color day for the youngsters at the daycare center. A variety of coloring books and crayons are available for the children to use after the morning play time and breakfast. It is a relaxing and fun start to the week and who knows, the activity might inspire budding artists.

Math Day


Every Tuesday at Lil Blessings is math day for the children who are in attendance. The staff at the center are always on hand to help the children learn how to count, and to remember their numbers. Valuable lessons for schooldays to come.

Science Day


Kids are mesmerized by science projects and here at Lil Blessings Family Daycare we like to stimulate their inquisitive minds. All the experiments we show them are designed to be simple and perfectly safe but they will have your youngsters talking.

Alphabet Day


Thursday is letter day where they learn their alphabets and how to write their names. It is another important way of aiding their development for the years ahead. We all need to learn to read and write and these lessons give our children here a head start for their schooldays.

Fun Day


Friday is art and free play and movie day. The last day of the week is more relaxing for the youngsters and allows them to express themselves. The play areas are all secured and there are educational and fun movies available for a rainy day. Artistic children can practice and show off their skills.

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